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  • Justin's (HappyBullets) Blasting Medulloblastoma Fundraiser
Please help Justin raise money for his family. For those of you who don't know Justin, he has been a DoP member for a very long time and was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. Recently, while monitoring this cancer's remission, it was found that the Medulloblastoma had returned in his spinal fluid.

Please show support for Justin. If you cannot afford to make a monetary contribution, please leave some kind words for him and his family.


A note from DangerMouse:
Dear DoP and HtR,
We often refer to ourselves as a family but in game that means acting like 12 years old brothers and sisters beating each other senseless for amusement. This Christmas we have the opportunity to something special; something meaningful to help one of our family.

You may have read Justin's (AKA HappyBullets) recent post that his cancer has returned. Due to the success of the new funding programs, DoP is in the position to help Justin. We will be forwarding 100% of all donations received in December 2014 to Happy and his family. The benefits of skins and if qualified full admin remain in place but the cash goes to Justin!

If you would like to donate directly to Justin, please see the above link. I understand it is a big ask because it is the holiday season (said in my best American accent!) but every penny (cent?) helps. We have not told Justin we are doing this, as he should focus on his family and his health.

We are more than gamers we are family! This Christmas remember charity starts at home and DoP is your online home!


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  • [DoP] Display of Power - Forums is a group supplying services with no intention of any monetary profit. Your donations are welcome so that the cost of our server, domain name, etc. can be covered.

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